“Thinking to Presti-Lagoya duo, Abreu duo and Assad duo, we think that the inseparable Italian/American pair will be successfully on the same line as this important progeny, becoming their filological equivalent.”

—Musica magazine

“…precise, well-ballanced ensemble… charming and discriminating…”

—Jack Dressler, Charleston Post and Courier

“Douglas James and Pasquale Rucco played original 19th century guitars with gut strings for a delightful concert of music from the same era…”

—Richard Long, Soundboard

“Every phrase was well balanced and each nuance was precise and lovely. Despite distractions, like an unfortunate mid-performance ringing cell phone and squeaky chairs, the duo was able to captivate the audience throughout the night.”

—Oberlin Review

“The Duo is adept at delivering these large-scale works with apparent ease – though it can’t be easy – and creating contrasts, multiple voicing, shimmering scales, and the grand landscape of symphonic music in a most convincing way. . . . I have said before, there is an apparent dichotomy between the presentation of these seemingly light and soft instruments when matched with large-scale orchestral writing. Odd that it seems to work perfectly – on purpose – and as though you couldn’t imagine it any other way! On second thought, maybe these guys are just good.”

—Roger Cope, Classical Voice of North Carolina